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The ice on our drive way was about 4 inches thick. We finally broke free and got the cars out. I don't think I can take being "trapped" one more weekend in the house. We slid out of the house every morning and back in again at night. I hate that Emma was sick. So far we are doing good. Just going stir crazy.

Michele Annette

I hope Emma is feeling better. So sorry you both had to spend the night in the ER, especially without anyone able to look at her. The ER is just terrible that way. Stay safe with the ice. I can't believe that is your driveway! Yikes!

Love your new banner!


Poor baby! I hope your sweetie feels better soon, and mama doesn't go nutso caring for her! Love the new banner, I am a gnome weirdo-love 'em! Also lovin the birdies and nest. SOOOOO Cute!

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