Wonderful Quotes

  • "Taking Joy in Living is a woman's best cosmetic." Rosalind Russell
  • "I do not understand how anyone can live without some small place of enchantment to turn to." Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

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What a cute little doggie!


Best wishes to Emma as she gets better and better.
When my kids were little and had sore throats, we used to make popsicles out of fruit juice and crushed fruit (such as bananas, raspberries, etc.). If you don't have one of those plastic popsicle-makers, you can use a little plastic picnic cup with a plastic spoon stuck in it (for a handle). A way to get some added nutrients.
BTW, the weather is very cold in Wisconsin too, and we had a dusting of snow last night as well. Didn't hurt the blossoms, as there weren't any to begin with.

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