Wonderful Quotes

  • "Taking Joy in Living is a woman's best cosmetic." Rosalind Russell
  • "I do not understand how anyone can live without some small place of enchantment to turn to." Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

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You got a great deal on those two! I refinished a couple of these chairs a few years ago and it seemed to take forever to get the paint off. By the end of it I wished I'd taken them to get sandblasted. Can't wait to see how yours turn out.


Love the names and the chairs! They'll look marvelous in their new colors!


These chairs have such great character! Looking forward to seeing their face lifts. (but hopefully not totally restored...a little character is good. That's what I tell myself every day when I look in the mirror!)


I love these! My grandmother had some when I was growing up. Hrm, makes me wonder if she still does! Brings back many backyard memories.

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