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Hi! Checking out your blog thru Posie and have to comment. We were the proud owners of a great little corgi named Honey who passed 1 1/2 years ago. And we have 'lost' numerous cats over the years and they are always interesting stories. Bubba, our giant cat from the pound, went missing one day. Days went by and no sign of my boy. I put ads in the paper and blanketed the neighborhood with fliers to no avail.I was distraught. Then late one night we got a call to "come and get 'em." He was on the floor eating a giant bowl of dog food when we arrived.The people said that they had been broken into a few days before, and that Bubba must have climbed thru the open basement window. They found him up high on a shelf, trying to stay clear of their constantly barking german sheperd. He came home with us,slept a full 24 hours and then proceeded to give us the cold shoulder for a few days until he got over our stupid human mistake of not finding him earlier!

Mary Ann/Ca

Hurrah! Everyone is back safe and sound. I have been hoping that it was simply life taking over that had you and Emma gone for a while. Glad to hear all well and everyone busy. Take care!

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